Ever wonder about some off the Astros and what they do?

Comprehensive wartune Astro guide.

Well you have come to the right place as I will tell you about them all, I will talk about the better ones that you should use, the ones after green and blue.

So at the moment there are 5 colours I will name the colours in strength order from weakest  “ Green  ,  Blue , Purple , Gold and then Red which will be strongest”.

When you are able to start obtaining Astros you will just use what you get but keep in mind to use Astros according to your class .First let me tell you what all the terms are for Astros. For some you all know this already but I have had people ask what the astros are for. So for those who don’t know yet?










Most Common Astros.

-Matck = Magic Attack “Class = Mages”   (Misticality)

-*Mdef = Magic Defence “Class = All”   (Willpower)

-Patck = Practical attack, physical attack “Class = Archers and Knights” (Force)

-*Pdef = Practical Defence “Class = All” (Fortitude)

Those are the main Character Astros for its intended class off course.










Then you get the following Astro names.

-Brilliance (HP – Health Points, increase your amount of HP)

-Enshieldment (Block, Reduce attacks from players when you see blue damage received you are blocking, it blocks 30%-70% of the damage)

Will destroyer (Disables Critical hit completely and increase damage by percentage shown)

-Charm (Charisma – increases troop count, which in turn helps with your enlighten skills)

-Snipers Edge (Critical – Increase the critical hit rate not the amount of Damage but the chance of getting a critical shot)

Determination (Critical damage increase when you crit by percentage shown)

Goddess Blessing (Reduce all damage, magic and physical, by percentage shown except for damage from Bleed and Reflect)

- Illusion (percentage chance displayed for avoiding damage completely, you will see it work when they attack you 1 health point)

Aegis (Reduce damage received by amount shown not % I found this to work well in solo dungeons and in catacombs)

Guardian angel (Reduce the chance off receiving a critical hit by percentage shown, works well against archers)

- Deflection (Reflect percentage damage shown that you receive from an enemy, percentage chance off working, i.e. return damage when you are attacked)

Blessed health (10 percent chance to gain back a set amount shown off HP on your attacks, you attack and heal)

Regeneration ( 10 percent chance to gain a percentage shown off HP from your amount off attack, example, 1k damage 10% gain = 100 HP you attack and  heal)

Ruthlessness  (expands Floating damage ,ok this one is tricky hope you understand ,at the very moment you do damage at 90% to 110% that’s why your attacks   are not always the same, when you use a floating damage astro that percentage changes according to the floating Astros stats ,if you have floating damage off 21% then it will affect your range as follows 90%-21% = 79%  110%+21% =131 % ,So your range now would be from 79 % to 131 % ,this Astro is very unpredictable but also very useful as you can see ,I use this astro on World boss from time to time .

To use a ruthlessness Astro I strongly Recommend to only use with high crit rate, as crit is already a high end attack so if it does go to the lower range off attack you don’t lose that much damage .Good combination for ruthlessness –Critical ,Determination with Ruthlessness and as I said rather only for World Boss as you crit a lot there.)











Please understand that if you have Astros like Block and Critical it doesn’t mean you will always block or do a critical hit ,the higher level the Astros are the more your stats increase in that particular field and the more it increases the success rate ,I have read many places that every 100 points on the Astro is a 3% extra chance of success in the particular field ,but understand that a lot of other factors come in .

For example : let’s say you have a crit astro and it is giving you 1450 Crit rate ,if its 3 % per 100 points then you should have 40 percent chance off crit all the time right ? NO, Knights have passive skills that reduce crit receive rate off up to 5%, then you get your Astro which can even further reduce the rate of crit received, also on your Jewels from Catacombs you get a attribute which reduces the crit damage received .Another factor would be the defence off your enemy over your attack it would also decrease your crit rate a bit .So don’t think off it ass 3% per 100 points but a lot less.

I’m a Knight in the game and my block is over 3k and even against monsters (“PVE”) I don’t really block 90% off the time. I do block a huge amount off the time but there are times where quite a few attacks come through before I block again .Just work hard on those Astros and get them nice and high.

I really do recommend getting a Critical Red and determination gold Astro as soon as possible, level them up fast no matter what class you are, in turn it will help you at world boss to get more gold, more gold means that you can spend more on Astros, in Turn you get the other Astros you so badly need so much faster and upgrade faster it’s just a winning combination.









If you would like to know which Astros to use where, please have a look at the 3 class builds on this site.

Knight           Archer              Mage                                                                                                                        

As I mentioned before, the colour off the Astros determine their strength.

When you start playing Astros you will have to take what you can in the beginning, namely blue and green, hope to get blue hehehe.

As you keep playing Astros, you will start receiving stronger Astros like the purple Astros as soon as you get a purple one take it if you need it and if it is relevant to your class, if you are a knight or archer don’t go use a Matck Astro as this is only for mages attack, and for a mage Patck is pointless.

All Classes should have the following Astros in my opinion Mdef, Pdef, and Goddess Blessing.

As well as Critical and Determination, for World Boss.

There are only 3 Character classes in Wartune but many different builds.

Hope you liked the info and understand Astros a bit more now.


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