New Events for wartune and new patch coming

Wartune 2.1 Part 2

Hello all so wartune patch 2.1 part 2 is coming on midnight of the 4th so on the 5th you will play the new version.

So what can you expect from new patch.

  • Sylph Upgrading - Sylphs need to grow, too! Upgrade your sylph to unleash its true potential.
  • Sylph Skills - Sylph skills not cutting it? Train your sylph in new skills now!
  • Amethyst Mine - Head to the mines to find out what you can claim for your own!
  • Additional Changes - See what other things have been changed and added!

To know more follow this Link It will be at the bottom of the page

Wartune  2.1 Part 2

In Addition I have added Wartune Events December 2013



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